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No project is too big for our professional installers within our certified Dealer Network. Our team will work with your business to create the optimal installation plan and select the best coating system for your building or complexes. Rhino Shield’s elastomeric ceramic wall and roof coating systems are ideal for virtually any commercial building application due to its tremendous durability.


With over 10,000 successful installations worldwide and growing, nothing compares to Rhino Shield for long-term protection of your building, condominium, or workplace. Rhino Shield addresses the needs of different weather climates with customized product formulas guaranteed to not crack, chip, or peel while offering superior corrosion resistance, UV ray reflectivity, and waterproofing.

what rhino shield does for you, as a business owner...
  • Protects your building. Rhino Shield waterproofs, fireproofs (with a Class A fire rating), and provides resistance to mold and mildew growth.

  • Saves on energy bills. Rhino Shield insulates your building. Additionally, it reflects 90% of UV-rays, keeping the temperature of your walls down. Energy bills can be reduced by as much as 60%.

  • Saves time and money. By not having to paint again for at least 25 years, you save a large amount of time and money. Repainting is expensive, so having the luxury of avoiding it is bound to save you money.

  • Beautifies your building. Our coating can match any color, ensuring that you will be left with a luxurious finish that will look fantastic for years to come.

  • Green friendly. Rhino Shield is also far more friendly to the environment than ordinary paint. It contains much less VOC’s, and by having to be applied less often, it means less toxic chemicals being exposed to the environment.

  • Up to 10x as thick as ordinary paint. With a coating that is this much thicker than ordinary paint, it’s really no surprise why our coatings exhibit such durability and longevity.

With all these benefits, it’s not hard to see why more and more business owners are choosing Rhino Shield. It saves money, time and is guaranteed to look great on your building for years to come - it just makes sense.


Any sensible business owner can see the value in having a fantastic looking building as well as cutting down on costs. So next time you’re going to repaint your commercial building, ask yourself - why repaint when you don’t have to? Choose Rhino Shield and never paint again!


Nature's Cote for your Commercial Building Interior

Any business owner dreads repainting the interior of their buildings. While it doesn’t need to be painted quite as frequently as the exterior, it still needs to be done fairly often. After all, your buildings represent your business. Typically, interior paint needs to be reapplied at least once every five years. This can be a big undertaking, requiring you to shift things around, potentially disrupting business or work within the building, whether you do the job yourself or hire commercial painters to handle the matter.


Bottom line: It’s a hassle! However, we’ve managed to design a coating that breaks the cycle of constant repainting. Nature’s Cote, the interior companion to Rhino Shield, is a coating that is engineered to last much, much longer and is far more durable than ordinary paint.

Nature's Cote vs. Standard Interior Paint

To make sense of how Nature’s Cote is able to outlast other paints so effectively, take a look at the composition of ordinary paint. Your regular can of interior paint is composed of roughly one-third solids. That means that it will dry as a thin and weak coat, guaranteed to flake and chip off sooner rather than later. Additionally, the solids that are within regular paint are usually cheap filler materials like chalk. This will break down, flake off and crumble within the coat of paint, further weakening it.

Nature’s Cote, on the other hand, is composed of ceramic microspheres that are durable and tough. The spheres are also a variety of different sizes so that they can pack down tightly to form a dense, compact layer. These ceramic microspheres mean Nature’s Cote dries much tougher than ordinary paint. In fact, studies have shown that Nature’s Cote is 260% times as durable as regular paint. That means it can take over twice as much abuse as regular paint without showing any signs.

additional benefits
of nature's cote...
  • It’s eco-friendly. More and more business owners are taking care to protect the environment, and those of us in Idaho are no exception. Nature’s Cote is water-based, low-odor, non-flammable and non-toxic.
    It’s also considered safe for landfill disposal.

  • It works as an insulator. Tests of Nature’s Cote have shown that it has a measurable equivalent R-value. This means that you’re not only getting a great coating, but you’re also insulating your walls. You can save money on energy bills while staying comfortable through hot and cold weather.

  • It soundproofs. Nature’s Cote has been proven to soundproof walls, another trait not typically associated with standard paint. Whether it’s the loud business next door or just a noisy worker in the next room, our coating will help keep your room quiet.

Nature's Cote - The Perfect Interior Solution

It’s clear that Nature’s Cote is much more than ordinary paint. Even without the insulation and soundproofing, choosing a paint that lasts longer is just common sense. Next time you’re painting your building, ask yourself: Why paint more often if you don’t have to? Invest in Nature’s Cote now and save yourself the hassle, time and money needed for repainting. 

nature's cote rX

We also offer Nature’s Cote Rx, which is an ideal solution for hospitals, daycares, and anywhere with a lot of people. This is a silver-infused antibacterial coating that is proven to eliminate several species of infectious bacteria. For a tough coat that also is tough on bacteria, choose Nature’s Cote Rx.

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