RHINO SHIELD is perfect for your Home, Business or Industrial Property

After years of extensive research, independent testing in internationally recognized laboratories, Rhino Shield has become a widely acclaimed provider of durable coating products. Our coatings are versatile in that they can easily be applied to a long list of exterior and interior surface materials used in residential, commercial and industrial applications.


Many standard coating products claim to be at Rhino Shield’s innovative level, but the truth is they aren’t nearly as protective or beautiful. No matter what type of property you own, the longevity and durability of Rhino Shield outlasts these products, providing 25 years of sustainability for your property.

Rhino Shield works great on these materials and more:

• Wood

• Brick

• Stucco

• Composite

• Vinyl

• Metal

• Hardie Plank

• Trim


We know you strive to keep your home beautiful - it’s where you live, and where you invite others to visit. But the interior and exterior surfaces of a home require maintenance, and this can cost time and money.


Standard paints claim they can rid your home of having to be frequently repainted, but the truth is that these products generally only last 3-5 years. With Rhino Shield’s 11-step installation process, the surfaces of your home will be properly prepared and the applied with Rhino Shield’s durable products that offer optimal adhesion, protection, and beauty for your home’s surfaces.

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When you run a business, church, or other commercial building, your first priority is to appeal to customers or visitors. The more you  appeal to them, the more they will visit. But in order to appeal to visitors of your building, it’s vital that its surfaces boast the same amount of pride you have in what you’re mission is.


Your building’s surfaces need to be problem free and beautiful. Many standard paints claim to have the necessary products to do this for commercial properties, but in reality they typically only last between 3-5 years. Rhino Shield offers an 11-step installation process that will prepare your building’s surfaces, and then apply to them our durable products guaranteed to protect and beautify your building, and last for many years.


Rhino Shield offers an array of industrial coating solutions to address many industrial maintenance problems. Our industrial line consists of rust inhibitors and encapsulators, high gloss polyurethanes, water-based epoxies, and ceramic epoxies.


Successful applications include heavy use outdoor railings, warehouse floors, metal roofs, car wash bays, industrial steel poles, parking garages, potable water tanks, and chemical storage tanks. We’ve even coated fighter jets and wind tunnels! Let Rhino Shield help solve your most difficult industrial maintenance problems.


Undergoing a complete roofing replacement can be a seriously expensive project and can also be extremely exhausting, especially if you end up trying to do it yourself. Super Shield® installations are easy, fast and far more cost effective than a total roof overhaul. Instead of replacing your entire roof, industrial painters simply add a simple but powerful coat on top of the current surface.

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