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​Rhino Shield challenges the status quo by offering a coating that lasts far longer than standard paint. While ordinary paint requires reapplication every 5 years, Rhino Shield comes with a 25-year warranty. We are 100% confident that our paint will last at least 25 years without chipping, flaking, chalking or fading.


Rhino Shield lasts so much longer because it’s engineered and formulated with an entirely different composition than traditional paint. Ordinary paint is composed of roughly one-third solids. This results in a thin, weak coat that is bound to deteriorate after a few years. Additionally, the solids are typically cheap filler materials such as chalk. These materials have very little integrity and will break off or crumble within the finished paint coat. In comparison, Rhino Shield is composed of at least two-thirds solids. This leaves you with a coat that is much thicker (2-3 times as thick, in fact). It’s common sense- the thicker the coat, the more durable it is. To see a direct comparison, please click here.


Building upon that, Rhino Shield uses ceramic microspheres for its solid content. These spheres are very durable, and they also pack down to form a compact, rugged coat that is guaranteed to last for years. This all adds up to benefits for anyone repainting a building. By repainting your home or business with Rhino Shield, you can literally save thousands after a longer period.

The RHINO SHIELD Difference

Protects from Elements

Shield your home from moisture, high winds, salt corrosion, and the growth of mold, mildew and algae.

lowers energy costs

Rhino Shield reflects UV rays away from your home's surface, saving on cooling costs.

Saves time

and money

Eliminate frequent house repainting because Rhino Shield will not crack, chip or peel.

water resistant & breatable

Fully tested against water absorption and permeability.


to last

Rhino Shield is backed by a written, 25-year, non-prorated, transferable warranty.

environmentally friendly

Our coating is nontoxic, low odor, non-flammable and contains low VOCs.

The Benefits of RHINO SHIELD are Numerous

The benefits of Rhino Shield go far beyond longevity and durability. Rhino Shield will noticeably beautify your residence, commercial or industrial building. With a luxurious sheen, our coating will look magnificent the day it’s applied and for years to come. With a regular coat of traditional paint, you may have to put up with chipping or flaking – this isn’t the case with Rhino Shield, as it’s guaranteed to last for at least 25 years.

Rhino Shield also acts as a multi-purpose protective coating. Our paint has been proven to reflect UV-rays, decreasing the temperature of the walls of your home and reducing energy costs. Rhino Shield also has a Class A fire rating, making it ideal for any climate. Additionally, a coat of Rhino Shield will increase the value of your home or building. A prospective buyer will consider the cost benefits of Rhino Shield, how soon it will need to be repainted, and discover a clear advantage. Our 25-year warranty is transferrable between owners, so buyers can rest assured that frequent repainting will not be necessary.

We guarantee that a single coat of Rhino Shield will last at least 25 years, freeing you from the cycle of constant repainting. Save time, money and effort by switching over to Rhino Shield. Never paint again!

the ceramic advantage

The secret to the Rhino Shield® System lies in the use of ceramic microspheres, manufactured by 3M, which replace the inexpensive filler products found in conventional paints. These variable size ceramic microspheres packed tightly together have a pockets of air forming protective insulation barrier that provides an insulating barrier for your walls against heat, UV rays, & coating breakdown. By reflecting radiant energy, Rhino Shield® keeps the heat outside and the cool air inside.


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